Monday, December 10, 2012

Hey Guys!

Sorry I've been gone for so long. It's been quite the road I'm on but I'm better now. :) I just posted quite a few poems I've been writing during my absence, I hope you like them! Let me know that you think.

Your Heart

I lived on piercing air, with each breath
forcing itself into my lungs
 I was a slave to life, being held captive
 in my own mind until I met you.
You released me from this mortal mesh,
you taught me how to swim in this sea of sadness.
 For this, I can promise you one thing,
despite how many times I’ve lost my sanity
and lost my ways
I promise
I will never lose
your heart.

Anxiety Attack

You feel
Through each and every vein
Through each and every vessel
Every part
Of you is
In this seemingly never ending

I Love You More

Like the ocean
That never
Ceases to
The shore
With every
That crashes
I love you more


At a loss for words
Unable to think
I look at you
And suddenly I can speak.

My Savior

Now I lay down with you to sleep,
I pray your silhouette is mine to keep,
thy angels watch us through the night,
And keep us safe till morning’s light.

Now I lay down with you to sleep,
I pray your heart is mine to keep,
If we should die before we wake,
Bless us Lord our souls to take.

Now I lay down with you to sleep,
I promise I am forever yours to keep,
Angels watch us through the night,
And wake us with the morning light.
I feel like I need to explain this one. I usually just leave my poetry up to interpretation but this time I want to explain it. I am not Christian, but to those of you who are, you probably know this is almost the exact same as the Children Lord’s Prayer. That was my point. I used the prayer and changed it to refer to our relationship. I am in love with someone, and he is my savior. The Lord is the savior for Christians, in a similar way to how Kyle is my savior. He has saved me from myself, just as God/Jesus saved Christians from their sins. This poem is for him, and I love him more than anything. 


Once lost in despair
Thinking I was beyond repair,
I found you.